Le grand questionnaire TOMO Clothing : Quand on préfère VOUS rémunérer

The big TOMO Clothing questionnaire: When we prefer to pay YOU

Every year, TOMO Clothing launches its big annual questionnaire. Since the beginning of the adventure, the brand's vocation has been to develop useful clothing, to put functionality at the heart of equipment. This questionnaire is an excellent barometer to better understand the needs in the field.


TOMO Clothing prefers to pay its customers

The results of this questionnaire are very valuable for the team, whether in terms of service offerings, product developments or needs for the development of new collections. Some companies use more or less famous survey institutes which represent a certain cost. Aware of this investment, TOMO Clothing has decided to pay its customers in exchange for responses to the form. A voucher is therefore offered at the end of the questionnaire in the form of a coupon to be used on the site before March 31, 2024.

The questionnaire for ever more functional and technical fashion

Clothing not only dictates what we do, but what we do determines the clothes we wear.” This has been the leitmotif since the beginning of TOMO Clothing.

The team that rides bikes, scooters and motorbikes every day tests and draws inspiration from its practice in all product developments. This questionnaire makes it possible to complete discussions at red lights with practitioners and to go further in understanding needs and their developments. For example, one of the surprising data from the previous session was that 65% of TOMO Clothing customers were riding in cold weather in 2023.

To be continued for this new 2024 edition

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