At TOMO Clothing, we designfunctional, technical and stylish equipmentthat accompany you on the road, from morning to night, from the office to the restaurant, and everywhere in between. We promise you, you won't change your clothes all day.

The vision and mission at TOMO Clothing

Discover the unique vision of TOMO Clothing, where each piece is designed to support your life at 10,000 miles an hour. At TOMO Clothing, we aspire to a world in which your clothes never limit you, but rather inspire you to reach new heights. Goodbye constraints, and hello to a wardrobe that adapts to your lifestyle, highlights your authenticity and reflects who you are.

The vision of TOMO clothing is that clothing should promote freedom of action and not prevent movement for everyone.
For a world where clothes don't dictate what you do, but what you do determines what clothes you wear.

We then aspire to bring you into a universe where movement is the key word. A range and content imagined and designed for (and by) dynamic women, on the road and beyond. Our mission is summarized as follows:

Inspiring and equipping women on the move, on the road and everywhere where they are - too - rare.

Our manifesto goes back point by point to our commitment:The TOMO Clothing Manifesto

Our impact at TOMO Clothing

TOMO Clothing's CSR strategy, embodying a way of life merging our passionate values ​​and proactive action for a better future, invites you to join this journey aimed at building a more sustainable, inclusive and emancipatory world for all. At TOMO Clothing, our CSR strategy is built on three essential foundations:

  • Feminist and ecological roots: We were born from deep values ​​that advocate the empowerment of women and the preservation of our planet. Through our products and our mission, we defend these principles by encouraging women to adopt two-wheelers in their daily lives and by promoting a responsible, necessary and committed wardrobe.
  • Design and production of products with minimized impact: Our products are not just clothes, but tools for daily life. We transcend fleeting trends and rigid gender norms with timeless designs. Our commitment to sustainability is expressed through the maximum use of eco-designed, recycled and local materials, for creations combining style and positive impact.
  • An inclusive organization: Our team embodies our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We have reviewed our recruitment process to reduce unconscious bias, prioritizing skills rather than diplomas. Personalized onboarding includes climate awareness and regular knowledge sharing sessions. Each employee is
    an essential driver of our collective success.

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    R&D: Styling, model making and prototyping

    The development of each new TOMO Clothing model responds to a need that our current range does not meet. Our first step therefore consists of translating this need into technicalities of materials and functionalities, then finding the appropriate style (“fashion that follows function”), which we formalize in the form of sketches and technical sheets.
    Our textiles being highly specific, they are manufactured on demand, and only in large quantities. We therefore made our first prototypes in cotton canvas, and made them evolve through fittings in the workshop and tests on the road. Once validated, this prototype serves as a basis for creating paper and digital patronage.
    Once the pre-order campaign is completed, we launch the production of materials and produce a new series of prototypes. After several fittings and tests, we validate the final version, and launch production with the selected manufacturer.

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    The values ​​of the TOMO Clothing team

    We have created a unique recruitment method at TOMO Clothing. We receive applications via an anonymous form (removing any unconscious bias linked to names, photos, ages, postal addresses, etc.). And we evaluate our candidates based on scenarios (rather than their schools and previous employers). So our team is like a rainbow of talents and backgrounds. We believe in the magic of diversity, in the brilliance that each person brings. We encourage diversity of perspectives, experiences and identities because this is what makes our team stronger and more creative.
    Behind each member of our team, there is a story and a passion. Every action, every decision we make, reflects our vision and our mission. We move forward with a deep sense of what we want to accomplish together. Each task, no matter how small, contributes to the whole and to the realization of our values.
    We believe in the power of action. We learn by doing, by daring, by getting started. Our team is a team of makers, people who take action to create, to innovate, to surpass themselves. We encourage taking initiative, we promote ideas that move the needle, and we support everyone in their progress.

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