1. Promote women’s stories: TOMO is a beacon of visibility for women who take paths less traveled. We illuminate your stories, your journeys and your triumphs, whether on the road or wherever you dare to venture.

2. Promote action on a daily basis and in all directions: we sincerely believe in the transformative power of clothing. Our clothes are expertly designed as catalysts for action, tools that allow you to seize every moment without limits. From dawn to dusk, our designs are companions that fuel your daily adventures, enabling fluid movement and preparation to embrace life head on.

3. Design beyond boundaries, create timeless style: Our designs transcend fleeting trends and rigid gender norms, reflecting your uniqueness regardless of the ever-changing fashion landscape. We do not promise the style of the moment, but a timeless expression that remains relevant through the ages.

4. Symphonize playfulness and purpose: Life is a playful dance of moments, but we take our role seriously. Our clothing bridges the gap between light-hearted joy and unwavering purpose, allowing you to navigate life's countless facets with grace and determination.

5. Transition from wants to needs: Our creations go beyond aesthetics; they embody functionality. Every thread, seam and detail serves to support and enhance your business. We prioritize real needs over fleeting desires, combining purposeful design with practicality, style and expression.

6. Strive for progress, not perfection: Perfection is an elusive mirage. Instead, we promise a never-ending journey of improvement. We are committed to learning, evolving and growing, always striving to provide you with better solutions and experiences.

7. Value beyond price: We value honesty, transparency and integrity. Our promise is not the lowest price but a fair price – a price that reflects the quality, thought and dedication that goes into every creation.

8. Maintain community tiess: We promote unity among women, building a supportive community that transcends borders. TOMO Clothing creates connections, celebrates each other's achievements and nurtures a sense of belonging that reflects the strength and resilience of those who wear them.

TOMO clothing is not just a set of fabrics; it is an embodiment of principles, a celebration of women's strength, a bridge between function and fashion. We invite you to join us on this journey of movement, empowerment and liberation. With every garment we create, we stand together, united by our manifesto and fueled by our unwavering commitment to you, the women who inspire us all.

  • A look back at the history of TOMO Clothing

    (Re)discover the history of TOMO Clothing, from the meeting between Zoé and Céline to the first prototypes and the brand's significant events.

    The story of TOMO Clothing

  • TOMO Clothing commitment and values

    This manifesto reflects all the commitments and mission of the TOMO Clothing brand. We detail them for you on a dedicated page.

    TOMO Clothing’s commitments

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