TOMO Clothing: For women on motorcycles and bicycles

TOMO Clothing is first and foremost the story of an encounter. A meeting of two enthusiasts of traveling on two wheels by bike, scooter and motorbike.

While at the end of 2019, Zoé and Céline are both ready to close a chapter in their professional careers, they are also both driven by a common aspiration: entrepreneurship. At the same time, their daily journeys by bike and motorbike confront them with a real need: the absence of fashion equipment combining style and functionality for women on two wheels. A common relationship will allow them to cross paths with each other and clearly, the TOMO Clothing adventure is underway.

 “When I ride, why do I have to choose between technical clothing (but ugly) and stylish clothing (but unsuitable)? »

2021: The launch of TOMO Clothing

During the confinement of spring 2020 and until the end of the year, the tandem concretizes and brings the project to life, from the business plan to the careful search for suppliers until the creation of the first models.

2021 is shaping up to be the year of big launches for TOMO Clothing. The opening of social networks and thecrowdfunding campaign on KissKissBankBankreveal the launch of the project to the general public. The first prototypes come to life and the structure of the four collections crystallizes, becoming the backbone of the catalog and the reflection of the distinctive identity of TOMO Clothing.


Innovations to equip women for motorcycles and bicycles

The year 2022 putsthe waterproof collectionin the spotlight, marking a new stage in the evolution of the brand. Iconic pieces like the BILLIE trench coat and the ELLIE pants make their debut, symbolizing the perfect fusion between aesthetics and functionality. TOMO Clothing asserts its presence on the Parisian scene with a space at Le Bon Marché and a pop-up in the Marais, revealing its scale to an ever more captivated public.

Since then, the machine has been running, and the collections have evolved with innovations. The latest was revealed in preview on the Kickstarter site in summer 2023:A bomber jacket and protective gloves approved for motorcycles.

  • Céline Jeandel

    Céline rides her bike every day, rain, wind, heat, nothing stops her. The same when she crosses Chile on a motorbike! After studying at AgroParisTech then ESSEC, Céline specialized in business strategy, spending two years in the Strategy and Innovation Department at Allianz then four years as a consultant at Kearney. It's from a misunderstanding that Céline launched into entrepreneurship “Why am I surrounded by so few women when I ride my bike every day and on my motorbike on vacation? ". By launching TOMO Clothing the idea was to encourage as many women as possible to take to the road, the track, the path... to gain freedom, time, joy...

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  • Zoé Aveline

    Zoé first rides a trials motorcycle then a vintage motorcycle and scooter, zigzagging around Paris as quickly as a pizza delivery man. After studying at IESEG and then the French Fashion Institute, Zoé spent seven years with Le Slip Français to support the growth of the “startup” on the product side as director of production, collection and then creation. That makes them underwear. “Why when I buy women's jeans or coats are the pockets tiny, or even non-existent? » It was from this frustration that Zoé's desire to create a brand of functional women's clothing was born, which we need and not just want, for moving around, working, going out... and quite simply storing our things. !

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