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Rain cape LOU V02

Rain cape LOU V02

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  • Impermeability
  • Water repellency
  • Reflective
  • recycled
  • Two uses in one
  • Waterproof poncho protecting upper and lower body
  • Adjustable hood worn under or over a bicycle helmet
  • Seams with sealing strips (heat-sealed)
  • Handlebar loops
  • Reflective front panels and back piping. New V02!
  • Snap fastening against the back
  • Sleeves adjustable with snap buttons
  • Waterproof belly pocket
  • Folds into the integrated pouch for transport. New V02!
  • Recycled material
  • LOU V02: The big new thing from LOU is its large 2-in-1 central pocket which allows the cape to be folded and stored. New reflective piping on the back ensures higher visibility.

      Textiles & Supplies

      - Outer textile: 100% recycled polyester + waterproof membrane (China)
      - Reflective textile: 100% polyamide (China)
      - Zip: 100% polyester (China)
      - Snap buttons: Nickel free (China)
      - Eyelets: Nickel free (China)
      - Cords: 100% polyester (China)

      Place of manufacture

      - Cup: China
      - Assembly: China
      - Embellishment: China


      - Cold washing
      - Drying in the open air
      - Ironing prohibited


      - Greenhouse gas footprint: 19.4 kg eq. CO₂
      - Blue water footprint: 7.8 L

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      Handlebar handles

      We've added handlebar loops to the front of your LOU rain cape, so you can keep your hands and thighs dry. You preferred this system to a direct attachment of your cape to the handlebars, so that you can free yourself from your vehicle in the event of a fall. Finally, as you all have different handlebars, our LOU rain cape has two handle widths.

      Tackle against the back

      We have all observed and experienced it, the main problem with a poorly designed rain cape is that it flies and flaps in the wind. As a result, we added snaps to your stomach to press your rain cape against your back. We thus make you gain in aerodynamics, and above all we protect you from the rain that comes up from your rear wheel to gently redecorate your back...

      Adjustable hood

      Your LOU rain cape has a hood designed for use on two wheels: it is deep enough to fit over a bicycle helmet (scooter and biker friends, we do not recommend it), adjustable to resist the wind, released on the sides to preserve your lateral visibility, and finally shortenable (yes this word exists) to be able to wear it on a daily basis without a helmet.


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      Un niveau d'imperméabilité incroyable

      Une cape stylée et complétement imperméable, je la porte même quand je ne prends pas le vélo tellement je l'aime.

      • Payment in 3 or 4 installments free of charge because an investment can be financed

        Buying technical and functional equipment to finally get on two wheels or continue to travel on two wheels in all weathers is an investment. So we have decided to invest alongside you by financing your payment ourselves in 3 or 4 installments free of charge.

      • Delivery refunded from 200€ of purchase because a delivery is not free

        Delivery is a (hell) job, which we did for two years. We refuse to use the "free delivery" formula as a selling point, which devalues ​​this work and promotes overconsumption. We "reimburse" your delivery from 200€ of purchase to metropolitan France.

      • Return offered because a return is better than abandonment

        The best way to reduce the impact of your gear is to wear it whenever it's relevant. This is why if you have the slightest doubt about its size, color, material..., we prefer to offer you its return, so that it can be fitted to someone else, rather than knowing it has been abandoned in your closet. .