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MAX Balaclava Beanie

MAX Balaclava Beanie

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  • Heat
  • Candy
  • Two uses in one
  • Made in France
  • Convertible into a balaclava (passing under a bicycle helmet)
  • Soft and warm
  • Made in France
  • Composed of 100% wool, including 25% alpaca

Textiles & Supplies

- Knit: 75% virgin wool + 25% alpaca

Place of manufacture

- Knitting: France
- Embellishment: France


- Hand washing
- Laundering prohibited
- Do not tumble dry
- Ironing at low temperature (without steam)
- Dry cleaning


- Acidification: Study in progress - Depletion of the ozone layer: Study in progress - Climate change: Study in progress - Freshwater eutrophication: Study in progress - Marine eutrophication: Study in progress - Terrestrial eutrophication: Study in progress - Formation of photochemical ozone: Study in progress - Particles: Study in progress - Ionizing radiation: Study in progress - Use of water resources: Study in progress - Use of fossil resources: Study in progress - Use of mineral and metallic resources: Study in progress - Land use: Study in progress

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Retractable hood

Worn as a beanie on foot or as a balaclava on your bike, as its name suggests, your MAX balaclava beanie adjusts to your desires. Your ears will always be protected, and your neck too when you ride, so there's no risk of your scarf flying off or getting caught in your wheels.

Helmet compatibility

Once unfolded into a balaclava, your beanie is thin enough to fit comfortably under your bike helmet.


  • Payment in 3 or 4 installments free of charge because an investment can be financed

    Buying technical and functional equipment to finally get on two wheels or continue to travel on two wheels in all weathers is an investment. So we have decided to invest alongside you by financing your payment ourselves in 3 or 4 installments free of charge.

  • Delivery refunded from 200€ of purchase because a delivery is not free

    Delivery is a (hell) job, which we did for two years. We refuse to use the "free delivery" formula as a selling point, which devalues ​​this work and promotes overconsumption. We "reimburse" your delivery from 200€ of purchase to metropolitan France.

  • Return offered because a return is better than abandonment

    The best way to reduce the impact of your gear is to wear it whenever it's relevant. This is why if you have the slightest doubt about its size, color, material..., we prefer to offer you its return, so that it can be fitted to someone else, rather than knowing it has been abandoned in your closet. .