TOMO Clothing's flagship colors

You will probably have noticed that at TOMO Clothing we offer a limited selection of colors. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that we love them madly!

Bottle green TOMO Clothing

If TOMO Clothing had only one color, it would be its bottle green. It was born at the very beginning of the adventure, when we were working with the Atelier Deux Cé agency on the graphic universe of the brand. Among other things, we wanted a color palette consistent with the values ​​and ambitions that we carried (and still carry) through TOMO Clothing: feminism, optimism, dynamism... Very quickly, the agency proposed to us (and we adopted) the bottle green, a distinct color but open to other colors, itself resulting from the mixture between blue and yellow, on the border between cold and warm, not associated with a specific genre… Not being a classic color like black or navy blue, we had to wait for a stroke of luck, that of buying back a stock of bottle green textiles from a buyer who had chosen the wrong color, to integrate it into our collection. We were therefore able to launch it on our corner at Le Bon Marché in the spring of 2022. And while you seemed to prefer our range of navy blue raincoats on our website, you clearly favored the bottle green at Le Bon Marché ! The color was therefore validated!

Navy blue TOMO Clothing

TOMO Clothing's navy blue was born out of our spirit of contradiction: we promised ourselves that we would not produce black-colored clothing, unlike the overwhelming majority of technical clothing today. Our choice therefore fell on navy blue, just as elegant and very harmonious alongside our dear bottle green. So we bet everything on it for our spring 2021 launch with our LOU rain cape and our JOE reflective socks . And we're still here, so you've adopted it!

Beige TOMO Clothing

Never two without three ! Beige has always been present in the graphic charter of TOMO Clothing. But you did not immediately find it in our collection, because it is an extremely complex color in styling. Beige has so many shades it can top like a flop, and we couldn't take that risk when starting out. Not to mention that we want our clothes to last over time and light colors (messy) are not forgiving! Beige therefore only entered the TOMO Clothing collection in spring 2023 with the SASHA windbreaker and the MAX balaclava beanie .

TOMO Clothing shades

You may notice that our BOB protective parka is more khaki green than bottle green, and more denim blue than navy blue. Quite simply because when we launched in the spring of 2021, our production volumes were insufficient to make our own dye, and we were limited to catalog colors. Being more pragmatic than dogmatic, we tested them in prototyping and loved the “workwear” style they brought to the parka!

The next colors TOMO Clothing

You will be disappointed: we have no idea! Moreover, in our vision to offer a minimalist range of products and colors, we do not even know if we will improve our existing colors or add new ones. What is certain is that you will not find the next TOMO Clothing color in the trend analyzes on Vogue , because what matters to us is that our clothes are timeless and remain indefinitely in your wardrobe...

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