TOMO Clothing partenaire du casque ROOF Bamboo

TOMO Clothing partner of the ROOF Bamboo helmet

In construction, fashion or luxury, nature has always offered the most noble materials, the most resistant or the most adapted to extreme conditions. At the forefront of innovation for 30 years, in the protection of pilots and mobility consumers, the Côte d'Azur company ROOF is launching its new Bamboo jet helmet. A high-end product well in its time and even better on your head!

A high-end jet helmet certified to the latest safety standards.

Claude Morin and his development team have taken the best of natural materials to design this premium helmet. Natural bamboo fiber is combined with flax fiber. The benefits in terms of weight, sound insulation, and also shock absorption are remarkable. " The innovative combination of these two natural fibers allows us to obtain excellent results, well above the criteria for obtaining the new European safety standards E22.06 specific to motorcycle helmets " confides Thomas Deboos who participated in the development of the product.

Remarkable comfort due to the intrinsic qualities of the materials

During the first product tests or shoots, what is immediately noticeable is a feeling of comfort and “freshness”. Naturally antibacterial and breathable, the bamboo fiber fabric inside the helmet covers a natural latex filling. Result: the helmet is particularly effective for everyday use regardless of its use of two wheels.

A helmet well in its world

By associating its helmet with other fashion or equipment brands for this first catalog shoot, ROOF also seeks to position its product as a differentiating accessory. Designed for riding a motorcycle, and also, by extension, on two electric wheels, the helmet is an essential safety element, and also a means of expression. Wearing it in its natural, so-called “pure” version means choosing to highlight the material, the idea of ​​riding naturally. In its black version, the bamboo is tinted with Indian ink before being modelled. Taken like this in the resin, it gives these helmets, colored in this way, a more urban, more “fashionable” style.

Whoever says “fashion”, “mobility” and “urban” necessarily says TOMO CLOTHING. This French equipment manufacturer founded by Zoé and Céline equips women for whom two-wheelers, motorized or not, are the best way to get around in the urban jungle. From the jungle to the Bamboo…there was only one step. Sharing the conviction that safety should not sacrifice anything to fashion, ROOF has partnered with TOMO CLOTHING to stage stylish products with high safety standards.

Because you can be in an approach turned towards natural products and feel good in your sneakers, ROOF has completed this system with CLAE sneakers . The Los Angeles brand develops shoes made from natural fibers or recycled plastic.

Finally, ROOF called on a major partner for this operation: the electric mobility distributor MAZE . Essentially Parisian, we bet that the franchise will develop quickly as their “electric vehicles + fun + look” cocktail is so effective. Maze has provided a Swedish RGNT motorcycle, a Super Soco TC Max motorcycle fully customized by the garage and, finally, a Michael Blast electric bike. This panel of motorcycles allows you to stage the ROOF Bamboo helmet in different situations, from practical transport to chic riding!

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