Many of you have spoken to us about this "moment of freedom in the day", out of the daily routine, out of time, out of the body, out of the underground... You also had the word "requirement" on your lips, the one you give to your two-wheelers, your helmets, and today your clothes. You have always thought about your "style", feminine but without clichés, elegant but functional. And you have thought of "multiwear" without even saying it, dreaming of wearing your clothes on the road but not only. It's all about freedom...

At TOMO Clothing, we design clothes that accompany you on the road, from morning to night, from office to restaurant, and everywhere in between. We promise you, you won't change all day.



stylisme tomo clothing


The development of each new TOMO Clothing model responds to a need that our current range does not meet. Our first step is to translate this need into technical materials and functions, and then to find the right style ("fashion that follows function"), which we formalise in sketches and technical sheets.
modelisme tomo clothing

Model making

As our textiles are highly specific, they are made on demand, and only in large quantities. We therefore make our first propotypes in cotton canvas, and develop them through fittings in the workshop and tests on the road. Once validated, this prototype is used as a basis for making the paper and digital patterns.
prototypage tomo clothing


Once the pre-order campaign is over, we launch the production of materials and make a new series of prototypes. After several fittings and tests, we validate the final version, and launch the production at the selected manufacturer.