How I Found My Grandfather's Motorcycle Two Years After It Was Stolen

I never met my grandfather. The only memory I had of him was his 1979 Yamaha 125. My father had taught me to ride it, before giving it to me. I went to work every day with it. Although she was slow and often broke down, her 70s style made me the happiest girl on the roads of Paris.

One day, when my lock had just let go, I left it alone for a few hours outside, counting on its old age and its many faults to repel theft. Of course, when I came back, my motorcycle had disappeared. I immediately went to the police station to explain my sad situation. But without a gray card, it is impossible for the police to find her. So I left with tears streaming down my face and feeling like a piece of me was lost.

As soon as I got home, I looked for my motorcycle on Le Bon Coin . After two months of tireless research, it was time to buy its replacement, exactly the same, but I kept alerts on its model and color, in case it miraculously reappeared.

Two years later, I received a notification, clicked on it, and realized that it was my motorcycle, photographed in Reims by a certain Fred! It had the same dents, dents and scratches. I couldn't believe my best, my heart was racing. I immediately called a friend, who advised me to meet the seller and take my bike back, even if it meant fighting. Given my size, my personality and my values, I quickly concluded that this was not the right strategy...

So I even went to the police station and told them the story. They told me to give up because my bike was not worth the effort and the risk. But, my motorcycle being offered at 400 €, I decided to buy it anyway. So I sent a message to the seller without revealing my identity and we agreed that I would come the following week to Reims.

Although he accepted, I had no news from him and ended up noticing that the bike was no longer for sale on the site. Despair, I had again lost my motorcycle! As a last hope, I messaged Fred telling him all about my story and how much the bike meant to me.

About 15 minutes later Fred answered, gave me his number and told me to call him. At this point, I was terrified because I didn't know what to expect. After all, Fred could have stolen my bike and therefore threaten me if I reported him. Surprisingly, when I called him, he told me how touched he was by my story, and offered to return the bike to me for free. He also told me that it had been sold at a fair to a couple, who then sold it to another person, who ended up selling it to him...

Like what, you never know how things will turn out, one way or another. I learned the lesson, I let go but I never give up! Besides, I've been looking for the accommodation of my dreams for two years, and I haven't given up, I'm just waiting for the right notification from Se Loger !

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