WOMEN WHO RIDE, le film de marque de TOMO Clothing

WOMEN WHO RIDE, TOMO Clothing's brand movie

Many of our customers - the WOMEN WHO RIDE - spoke to us about this "moment of freedom of the day", outside everyday life, time, the body, the metro... They also had the word "requirement" to the mouth, the one they give to their two-wheelers, helmets, and today clothes. They have always had a thought for their "style", feminine but without cliché, elegant but functional. And they thought “multiwear” without even pronouncing it, dreaming of wearing their clothes on the road but not only. We finally come back to freedom...

This film highlights these WOMEN WHO RIDE. It's a refined version of TOMO Clothing, the one we - the designers - have designed after two years of experience and adventure. It's a state of mind, the one with which we ride and we create our collections of clothing and accessories.

This film was made thanks to the talent of the Maison Carnot agency and our WOMEN WHO RIDE, friends of TOMO Clothing and free women: Juliette, Margaux, Romane, Noélie and Clothilde.

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