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SASHA windbreaker - Bottle green & Navy blue

SASHA windbreaker - Bottle green & Navy blue

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🚲 🛵 🏍️ Pre-order at the price of €238 for delivery on January 18, 2023 🚲 🛵 🏍️

The SASHA windbreaker is your basic equipment if you are a cyclist, scooter rider or motorcyclist. It's waterproof, breathable, lightweight and recycled: that's all you want from a windbreaker, right? We deliver it to you with a pouch that hangs on your handlebars, frame or hook so you always have it close at hand if something goes wrong. We designed it in two-tone bottle green and navy blue, to match it with your ELLIE rain pants and your LILLIE reflective rain hat.

Textiles & Supplies

- Outer fabric: 100% recycled polyester (China) - Waterproof membrane: Thermoplastic polyurethane (China) - Inner fabric: 100% polyester (China) - Cords: 100% polyester (China) - Zip: 100% polyester / Nickel free (China) ) - Snaps: Nickel free (China) - Eyelets: Nickel free (China) - Stoppers: Nickel free (China)

Planning (Design, Production & Sales)

- Until Sunday, September 25, 2022: Technical test / Pre-order at the launch price of €213
- Until Sunday, October 16, 2022: Textiles and supplies ordered / Pre-order at 225€
- Until Wednesday, January 18, 2023: Production in progress in China / Pre-order at 238€
- From January 19, 2023: Products in stock at our logistician in France / On sale at full price at €250

Payment, Delivery & Return

- Payment in 3 or 4 installments possible
- Delivery refunded from 200€ of purchase (metropolitan France, Monaco and Andorra)
- Free return within 30 days for exchange or refund (metropolitan France, Monaco and Andorra)


- Cold washing
- Ironing prohibited

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Storage pouch

Sleek and lightened to the maximum, your SASHA windbreaker folds and slips into its small pocket. It attaches to the handlebars, frame or hook of your bike, scooter or motorbike to always have it close at hand if something goes wrong.


Even on the most streamlined TOMO Clothing overcoat, you'll find pockets. On the SASHA windbreaker, there are two high pockets to store your trinkets while riding or warm your hands while walking.

Retractable hood

As its name suggests, your SASHA windbreaker accompanies you even when it's not raining. Its hood can therefore be folded and tucked into its collar.



    Buying technical, functional and responsible equipment to finally get on two wheels or continue to travel on two wheels in all weathers is an investment for your future and the future of our society. So we decided to invest alongside you by offering you the possibility of paying in 3 or 4 instalments.


    The delivery is a (hell) job, which we did ourselves for two years. We therefore refuse to use the magic formula "free delivery" as a selling point, which devalues this work and promotes over-consumption online. We prefer to "refund" your delivery from 200€ of purchase to metropolitan France, Monaco and Andorra.


    The best way to reduce the social and environmental impact of your gear is to wear it whenever it's relevant. This is why if you have the slightest doubt about its size, color, material..., we prefer to offer you its return for an exchange or refund, so that it can be used for someone else, rather than knowledge abandoned in your closet.