[NEW - PRODUITS] The TOMO Clothing star colors

[NEW - PRODUITS] The TOMO Clothing star colors

By Ella Brown

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There's a reason why we only have a limited selection of colors and why we love them so much. Here's why were obsessed:

Bottle Green

The TOMO bottle green was born back when we worked with a graphic design agency at the start of our journey. 

We wanted to have a strong graphical image so we worked with an amazing design agency to help us find our “true colors”. We spoke to the agency about our values:

Freedom. Speed. Fun. The road. Badass women. Awareness. Curiosity.

The agency immediately told us that based on our core values and beliefs as a brand, we had to have green. Not light green, but dark green. 

And so our bottle green was born. It’s an amazing color because it is beautiful, elegant, and matches with everything, but more importantly, it represents who we are and who we aspire to be. 

Navy Blue

The TOMO navy blue was born simply because we didn't want black. We don't want to be too "sporty" or too "hardcore" like many other motorcycle and bike brands are. 

We wanted a color that represents elegance and power. A classic, dark color, yet it goes with everything. 

When you think of a motorcycle clothing brand, especially for women, you think of black and pink leather jackets. We wanted to create a brand that sells the same level of protection, but something more stylish, cool, and femanine, without being too girly. 

We love our navy blue... and we love it on you too ;)

Accidental Success

You may notice that our first Parka, Bob, is a bit of a different and lighter green, that we call "khaki". The khaki color is a bit different because at the time when we were deciding upon colors, there was a limited number of colors availible to us. At the time, we knew we needed and wanted green, and felt like it was the best color for us at the time.

Since the release of our waterproof collection, we narrowed down the greens we were deciding between to our dark (bottle) green. We feel that this green more accurately represents who we are, and it is definetly a color we love and want to keep for our coming collections.

The Parka Bob is also one of our more "workwear" designs that we are unsure weather or not we will have more of in the future. We are still trying to figure out exactly how we see our growth for the coming years, and that may – or may not – include workwear lines.

The same goes for the other color of Parka Bob: Marine Blue. The marine blue is a bit more of a "jean" color compared to our navy blue, and while we like it, we feel our newer bottle green and navy blue colors are really our true TOMO star colors.

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